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Rizky Maulana

[_] College Student & Full-Stack Developer
[?] Hewwo! ,
Kyuiki Learn By His Own :3
Kyuiki is a Self-Taught Programmer, He is a College Student and a Full-Stack Developer from Indonesia. He is currently studying at Universitas Pelita Harapan and he is majoring in Computer Science.
He's a furry and a loving person :3
Kyuiki have a boyfriend named 'Billy' and we are in a relationship. They both are a furry and he love to draw and animate. They are also a gamer and he love to play games with his friends.
MultiTalent Wannabe :3
Kyuiki can be said to be good at digital fields. Such as making websites, making animations, drawing, and others. He can also speak in English
Look! I get it! It's server side rendered, but You have to turn your fricking JavaScript on! (> ~ <)